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The Romea Strata in Tuscany

Discover the Tuscan legs of the Romea Strata, from Doganaccia to Fucecchio and San Miniato

110 km

Section 15 of the Romea Nonantolana-Longobarda

Capanno Tassoni to Cutigliano: the Romea Strata enters Tuscany

Cutigliano - Credit: Serena Puosi
Section 16 of the Romea Nonantolana-Longobarda

Cutigliano to Pontepetri: among the woods and villages of the Pistoiese mountains

Section 17 of the Romea Nonantolana-Longobarda

Pontepetri to Pistoia: down to the Ombrone Pistoiese plain

Pistoia - Credit: Alessandro Farese
Section 18 of the Romea Nonantolana-Longobarda

Pistoia to San Baronto: the Romea Strata over the hills of Montalbano

View of the Montalbano hills
View of the Montalbano hills
Section 19 of the Romea Nonantolana-Longobarda

San Baronto to Fuceccio: walking in the lands of Leonardo da Vinci

Cerreto Guidi seen from the Romea Strata
Cerreto Guidi seen from the Romea Strata - Credit: Stefano Cannas
Section 20 of the Romea Nonantolana-Longobarda

Fucecchio to San Miniato: along the Via Francigena

Frederick II's tower in San Miniato
Frederick II's tower in San Miniato - Credit: Alejandro Benito

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