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Leonardo's birthplace in Anchiano
Photo ©Toscana nel cuore

From Pontormo to Indro Montanelli: artists and intellectuals from the Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano area

6 prominent figures from the land of genius in the heart of Tuscany

Pontormo, pioneer of Mannerism

Pontormo's birthplace
Pontormo's birthplace - Credit: Toscana nel cuore

Giovanni Gonnelli, the blind sculptor from Gambassi

Gambassi Terme
Gambassi Terme - Credit: Toscana nel cuore

Cosimo Ridolfi and the first Agricultural School

Villa di Meleto, Castelfiorentino
Villa di Meleto, Castelfiorentino - Credit: Toscana nel cuore

Ferruccio Busoni, master of the piano

Ferruccio Busoni
Ferruccio Busoni - Credit: Toscana nel cuore

Amedeo Bassi, a powerful voice

Amedeo Bassi Museum
Amedeo Bassi Museum - Credit: Amedeo Bassi Museum

Indro Montanelli and modern journalism

Montanelli's rooms
Montanelli's rooms - Credit: Fondazione Montanelli Bassi
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